example [eg zam′pəl, igzam′pəl; eg′zämpəl, igzämpəl]
[ME < OFr example, essample < L exemplum, sample, example < eximere, to take out < ex-, out + emere, to buy < IE base * em-, to take > Lith imù]
1. something selected to show the nature or character of the rest; single part or unit used as a sample; typical instance
2. a case, punishment, etc. that serves as a warning or caution [to fine a speeder as an example to others]
3. a person or thing to be imitated; model; pattern; precedent
4. a problem, as in mathematics, designed to illustrate a principle or method
exampled, exampling
to exemplify: obs., except in the passive
for example
as an example; by way of illustration
set an example
to behave so as to be a pattern or model for others to imitate

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